5 Tips to Build Trust with Your Horse

Trust is absolutely crucial when working with horses. You need to trust your horse, and your horse needs to trust you. Your horse needs to know that you will keep them safe and only ask them to do things that they are capable of. You need to trust that your […]

What Does Your Horse Enjoy?

What Does Your Horse Enjoy? Working with Guinness has reminded me that it is really important to learn what your horse enjoys – and to allow some time for what your horse wants to do. With Guinness, his owner was realizing that he is pretty lethargic and can be pokey […]

3 Things your Horse Wants you to Know

If you love horses and want to enjoy a safe and fun time with them, it is important to understand horses. Not how to make them do what you want, but to really understand horses – how they think and how they learn. Three Things Your Horse Wants You to […]