About Harmony Horsemanship™

IMG_8757 copyThe 3 Parts of Harmony Horsemanship™ 

  1. Understand Yourself
  2. Understand Your Horse
  3. Understand the Language

The language includes horses and riders learning their A, B, C’s – the basic fundamental skills for communication.

Using the A, B, C’s with exercises along the Harmony Training Continuum helps to establish a partnership of trust, confidence, and willingness.

The Harmony Training Continuum

  1. Respect and Safety
  2. Calm Connection
  3. Create a Yes Horse
  4. Refinement
  5. Balanced Rider (for riding only)

We call it Harmony Horsemanship™ because the human is moving with the horse in balance,  aware of their horses thoughts, emotions, and capabilities – and most importantly how to respond to those thoughts and emotions to unleash the capabilities their horse has to offer.

Lindsey Partridge’s (founder) background

  • Equine Canada Rider Level 8 (English) and Level 4 (Western)
  • Certified Coach of Ontario
  • President of the Natural Horsemanship Association
  • 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover Trail and Freestyle champion, and was the only trainer to have both horses qualify for finals (top 3) in both their disciplines
  • 2016 Can Am Extreme Cowboy Shoot Out Champion
  • 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover champion and Trail champion
  • Received ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in 2017 from the Christian Film Festival for her role in Unbridled (a movie that includes two of her horses)
  • Level 1 Centered Riding Coach
  • Parelli Level 4 Freestyle & Finesse, Level 3 in Liberty and Online
  • Named ‘Canada’s Horse Whisperer’ by the Toronto Star
  • Named ‘Queen of the Thoroughbreds’ by The Rider
  • A Horse Human Relationship Expert and helps people find a calm connection with their horse

Learning Harmony Horsemanship

Learn Online with Harmony Horsemanship™ 101

  • Over 7 hours of video
  • Written Summaries
  • Links to additional video
  • Lindsey’s email address so you can ask questions about the course
  • Optional quizzes to help you learn
  • Click here to Learn more or Enroll

More ways to learn Harmony Horsemanship™

How Harmony Horsemanship™ Started

  • founded by Lindsey Partridge in fall of 2015
  • combines years of studying with top professionals and programs from many techniques and disciplines as well as Lindsey’s personal experience
  • Tested upon thousands of horses and humans including wild mustangs, “problem horses”, and former race horses