Christmas Scavenger Hunt Give Away 2017

This is the first give away of its kind – a North American wide Scavenger Hunt. Find prizes, post what you found, and then be entered into grand prize draws!

Over 200 winners across North America with thousands of dollars worth of generous prizes from:

  • ThinLine (they make the bitless converter and impact protection saddle pads)
  • Omega Alpha (supplements for horses backed by science)
  • Pegasus Airboots (awesome sport protection boots for your horse)
  • Espana Silk Products (natural grooming products for you and your horse)
  • Accuhorsemat (amazing at relieving back pain and tension)
  • Scoot Boot (the best hoof boots for barefoot horses)
  • Harmony Horsemanship (that’s us!)

Read below for more details about:

  • How this works

    • Step 1: Find one of the hidden prizes, and automatically win that prize.
    • Step 2: Within your prize you will see a slip with a prize number. Post a picture of your prize (with you if you want to) and tag Harmony Horsemanship TM on Facebook, HarmonyHorsemanshipTM if Instagram, and/or email to so that we know the prize is found and we can enter you in the grand prize draw. To be entered in the draw make sure we comment/respond confirming you have been entered. You can email us or Private message on Facebook to confirm your entry was received – entry deadline is December 25, 2017. 
    • Step 3: After Christmas 2017, we will draw names randomly to select winners for the grand prizes. Only people who were confirmed in Step 2 will be entered in the draw. Limit of one entry per household.
    • Step 4: If you are selected, your name will be announced on our social media channels. You will need to contact us at to provide a shipping address within 14 days of being announced to receive your prize.

  • Where to look for prizes

Prizes can be found all across Canada and the United States in more than 25 states and provinces!

Click here to see photos of all the hidden locations of the prizes.

And since our elves were not able to reach every state and province this year, there will also be 7 online hunts to give you a chance to be entered in the Grand Prize drawing. These virtual hunts are subject to the same rules as the prizes hidden in physical locations.

To participate in the online hunts, follow the Harmony Horsemanship Facebook page at During the two weeks leading up to Christmas we will post details about 7 online hunts where you can win an entry in the Grand Prize drawing by sharing the post, commenting with the correct answer and getting the most likes on your comment.

  • What prizes are involved

Hidden Prizes that you can look for and win instantly: 180+ Winners

  • Treat Pouches from Harmony Horsemanship
  • Gastra Fx Bottles with syringes from Omega Alpha
  • Blue Sports drawstring bags from Accuhorsemat
  • Grooming Product Supplies from Espana Silk Products
  • Random horse related gifts from Harmony Horsemanship (hoof picks, horse puzzles, etc)

Most items will be located in a plastic sandwich bag and taped to their hiding spot.

Grand Prizes include: Congratulations to the 20 Winners!

Winners will be contacted in the first week of January to coordinate delivery of prizes.
  • Omega Alpha Supplements (1 winner of a Prize Package)
    • Kelsey Deraway
  • Scoot Boot (3 winners of a pair of Scoot Boots)
    • Matt Pilon
    • Deanna Barry
    • Sue McGoldrick
  • ThinLine (5 winners of ThinLine Bitless Converters, 5 winners of ThinLine insoles)
    • Bitless Converters
      • @crazy_4_aussies (Instagram)
      • Daytona Lee
      • Elyse Julie Leduc
      • Teresa Friol
      • Danielle Meenan Heaney
    • Insoles
      • Lori Drummond
      • Angie Reynolds
      • Susan Palmer
      • Kelly Snape Mackie
      • Donald Brown
  • Pegasus Airboots (2 winners of a pair of Pegasus Airboots)
    • Becca Brown
    • Karen Van Duzer
  • Accuhorsemat (1 winner of the human mat)
    • Garth Dane
  • Espana Silk Grooming Supplies Prize Package (1 winner of a prize pack)
    • Anbi Pine
  • Harmony Horsemanship (2 winners of a Fusion Halter)
    • @horse_spots (Instagram)
    • Franny Galvin-Hynes

  • Rules and more info

    • Anyone who finds a hidden prize wins and can keep that prize. You are entered into the grand prize draw after completing step 2 of the contest. One entry into the grand prize draw per household.
    • Harmony Horsemanship, it’s employees, volunteers, friends, sponsors, or family are not responsible for any injury, death, accident, or violations associated with hidden prizes, prize retrieval, or prize use. Participate at your own risk.
    • Winners may be announced on social media. By providing a photo or tagging Harmony Horsemanship in a post on Facebook/Instagram you consent to entering the grand prize draw and having your name announced as a winner if chosen. If you provide a photo, you consent to Harmony Horsemanship using in future media.
    • If you are not able to provide a shipping address to Canada or the United States (or email if applicable) within 14 (fourteen) days of being announced as a winner on the Harmony HorsemanshipTM – Lindsey Partridge Facebook page, you forfeit your prize. Send your email/shipping address to only if you are selected as a winner.
    • Upon receiving the prize, the winner agrees to make a social media post to publicly thank the sponsor of their prize and Harmony Horsemanship for the give away.
    • Accept and use gifts and prizes at your own risk. It is possible that hidden prizes may be tampered with, so check for seals on product (if applicable), assess for safety, or discard if the safety cannot be determined.
    • Prizes being redeemed through voucher with the sponsor are at the discretion, rules, and requirements of the sponsor. Harmony Horsemanship is not responsible or liable for these prizes.
    • All prizes are non refundable and non exchangeable.