Contest Rules and Information

We love to run contests and each one is unique. Sometimes you might need to make a public post and use a hashtag and tag our page, or sometimes you might need to comment. Check each contest for the specifics of how to enter.

How to claim your prize

If you are selected, your name will be announced on our social media channels. You will need to contact us at to provide a shipping address within 14 days of being announced to receive your prize.

Who can enter?

Unless otherwise specifcied, anyone from anywhere in the world can participate provided your country/age permit you entering contests and receiving prizes. Person(s) winning prizes outside of Canada and the United States might need to pay shipping fees.

Can I exchange my prize?

In most cases the prizes are provided by partners and cannot be substituted.

Images, Videos, and Testimonials

We really appreciate your posts – the photos and images are awesome and sometimes we like to share them. Please keep in mind by making a public post and tagging our page you are giving permission to Harmony Horsemanship to share, reproduce, copy, promote, or use your image, video, or text.