Florida HH Meet Up

Welcome to the Harmony Horsemanship Meet Up

(Tentative Timetable)

  • 9am: Asa Woodman (Level 3 HH instructor and Equine Assisted Therapist), Helping Horses with Their Humans; tools for managing your emotions and energy states
  • 10am: Charlotte Cannon (Level 3 HH Instructor) Equine Tapping to Relax, Rewire and Rebalance your horse
  • 12pm lunch break
  • 1pm: Melissa Ellis (Level 3 HH Instructor): Harmony Horse Handling, Simple Achievable Friendly and Effective techniques for common equine procedures (like needles, deworming, trimming hooves, etc)
  • 2pm: Lindsey Partridge (founder of Harmony Horsemanship) Building Confidence – take the spook right out of your horse
  • 3pm: Melissa Ellis: Starting Bridleless… with an Off the Track Thoroughbred for the first time
  • 4pm: Lindsey Partridge (founder of Harmony Horsemanship) Harmony Horsemanship 101 – starting from scratch and demonstrating the components of a great foundation to help your horse be ready and willing learn. Featuring a newly tamed mustang.

Please bring your own chair, refillable water bottle, and sunscreen. The event will outside.