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jumpbestcropDifferent ways you can learn Harmony Horsemanship™

  • Free Ebook: Is Your Horse Ready to Go Steady with You? Click Here
  • Online Courses:
    • Visit our online school click here and see all of our available courses
    • Harmony Connection Club Click here for the monthly club that features a new theme each month with teaching videos and exclusive content and specials.
    • Harmony Horsemanship™ 101 Click Here. Packed with incredible value. Complete it at your own pace and have lifetime access to the content. Gives you the “How to” for all 8 ABCs, the Harmony Training Continuum Exercises (including the core 6 Calm Connection exercises, Respect & Safety Exercises, starting Create a Yes Horse, and the beginnings of Refinement.
    • OTTB Liberty ReStart Click Here. Follow the journey of ‘Point Load’ a racehorse being restarted completely at liberty (no tools, no equipment). At less than 20 sessions Lindsey does all the ABCs on the ground (including trot and canter) and rides nearly all of them (sideways and canter need more time). Lindsey is hoping to complete this series early 2018.
    • Lessons in Harmony Horsemanship Click Here. Learn from other students as they figure out the Harmony Horsemanship exercises and technique for the calm connection exercises.Lets you watch other students as they are instructed through the exercises. This can help give you that little piece of information to get everything to work. More videos coming to this course in 2018.
    • Starting from Scratch with a Dominant Horse, Peanut. Watch Lindsey start Peanut from scratch, a horse that would try to kick and bite you to riding walk, trot, canter under saddle in less than 10 sessions using just a halter, lead rope, and saddle. Her series is 11 sessions long and you see all of the 6 core calm connection exercises on the ground, in the saddle, as well all 8 ABCs on the ground and in the saddle.
    • Starting from Scratch with a Timid Horse, Kalila. Watch Lindsey start Kalila, a horse that took more than half an hour to catch in the beginning because she is so timid. She has progressed to saddling and mounting, and her series will likely complete in January 2018 but you have access to the videos forever.
    • Become the Centre of Your Horse’s Universe: a 5 week course that walks you through different exercises each week to really make a difference in your relationship with your horse. Each week you can take a video of yourself with your horse doing the exercises and submit for feedback. When the 5 weeks are done, you have lifetime access to the course videos.
  • Harmony Horsemanship 101 DVD Set: Learn the foundation exercises from the comfort of your home even if you have slow WiFi – a great alternative if you aren’t able to do the online courses (note all of this content is located within the Harmony 101 online course).
  • Find an Instructor: currently instructors are all over Ontario, and some in the USA.
  • Book a Harmony Horsemanship Workshop
  • YouTube Channel: Free learning, follow Lindsey’s adventures, and more.
  • Facebook: Regular Posts and some videos.
  • Upcoming Events Schedule: Look at the schedule of demos, clinics and workshops
  • Contact Us  about booking a clinic or lesson with Lindsey

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