Pegasus Airboots


The best in leg protection for your horse.



“I can’t believe how well these boots work. After a full day of riding and competing under the hot sun my horse’s legs were dry and free from sweat or sand. That’s perfect because I want to protect my horse’s legs, but I also don’t want to overheat their legs or trap dirt against their legs. These boots are the easiest and most breathable I’ve come across.” Lindsey Partridge

  • user friendly
  • veterinarian recommended
  • breathable
  • excellent quality
  • seals the dirt out
  • same boots for front or hind
  • one size fits 14H-18H
  • We carry Black, Tourquoise, and White. If you want a different colour check out the Pegasus website
  • Pricing is for one pair.

Additional Information

Weight450 g


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