Fusion Halter™

Brand New and featuring a completely innovative design. The Fusion HalterTM takes the very best features of the halters you love to create the ultimate tool.

  • Double braided polyester 1/4″ yacht rope for the main construction which resists stretch, mold, and mildew
  • Rope knots, rope over the nose, and rope behind the ears provide the material you need for effective training (other combination halters have leather behind the ears which means the horse can lean against the pressure more easily and is less effective for training)
  • Leather cheek pieces allow a breaking point for the rope halter making it a safer choice than a rope halter
  • Leather cheek pieces allow you to add halter plates to customize as you wish
  • Sliding ring on the chin rope lets you lunge without twisting your horse’s head allowing the horse to stay in better balance and posture
  • Designed and created by Lindsey Partridge

They come in your choice of colours and size.


Have a colour request or custom length? Contact us at harmonyhorsemanshiptm@gmail.com to request.

For custom size, please specify in the comments of your check out if it is Draft, Arab, pony, or a specific length (you can measure the length around your horse’s nose, and around their head (behind the ears and throat latch) to get a custom length.

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