Light Rope Reins


These reins pictured are the 1/2″ loop reins. The light reins are 3/8″ and are slightly thinner and lighter.

These rope reins are made of 3/8″ yacht rope of the best quality that are stretch, mildew, and mold resistant. These reins are ‘light’ because they are thinner and lighter than the standard 1/2″ rope reins that many natural horsemen prefer. However some riders prefer the light rope reins or find the smaller rope to be more comfortable in their hands – especially for kids or adults with small hands.

The rope width is slightly thicker than a rope halter, but thinner than a 12ft regular lead rope.

The reins feature stainless steal snaps for easy attachment to your bridle/headstall.

The reins come in 9ft with is great for most uses. You can email us for custom length.

The reins also come in your choice of colours.


Have a colour request or custom length? Contact us at to request.

Solid Rope Colours: Beige, Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Green

Color :