Long Lines

Long Lines are made of 1/4″ yacht rope of the finest quality  to resist stretch, mildew and mold. They feature stainless steal clips at the ends.

The long lines are 22ft each.


Pair of Long Lines in Solid Blue

Pair of Long Lines in Solid Blue

They are good to use as driving lines for horses, or to use if you want to practice liberty but still have a very light rope attached in case your horse goes to leave (especially ideal if you are trying liberty in a large space). They do not have a lot of weight, so they are intended to be used with contact, or with the intent to only use as a safety net (i.e. pretend you have no rope but if you absolutely need it you can pick it up). These ropes are very light so they are great tools to help train for liberty because the horse isn’t affected by the weight of the lead rope. They are the same thickness as the rope used for making the Fusion Halter.


  • Single 22ft Long Lines: ideal for teaching liberty $29.99
    Color :
  • Long Line Pair 22ft: which gives two longs lines of 22ft each so you can use them for driving/long lining $49.99
    Color :

Solid Rope Colours: Beige, Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Green

Have a colour request or custom length? Contact us at harmonyhorsemanshiptm@gmail.com to request.