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Fusion Halter

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Halter Sizing:

Standard Halter sizes are Medium which is regular Horse Size and fits most horses and large ponies well, or Large Warmblood which fits most large horse sizes like bigger Warmbloods or some draft crosses. For a different size please choose Custom and in the comments/notes in checkout specify if you want Arab, pony, Draft, or send us the measurements around your horse’s nose and throat latch/behind ears and we will make it custom for you at no extra cost.

  • Essentials Package

    Essentials Package: Fusion Halter (reg $69.99) and a 12ft Lead Rope (reg $29.99): $89.98 for $10 savings

    ”Halter :
    HalterColor :
    12ftLeadRopeColour :
  • Advanced Package: Fusion Halter (reg $69.99) with a 22ft Light LeadRope ($49.99): $104.98 for $15 savings
    Size :
    HalterColour :
    22ftLightLeadRopeColour :
  • Riding Package

    Riding Package: Fusion Halter (reg $69.99), 12ft Lead Rope (reg $29.99), and Rope Reins (reg $34.99): $114.97 for $20 savings

    Size :
    Halter :
    12ftLeadRope :
  • Complete Package: Fusion Halter (reg $69.99), 12ft Lead Rope (reg $29.99), and Rope Reins (reg $34.99) with a 22ft Light LeadRope ($49.99) and cookie pouch ($9.99): $164.96 for $30 savings 
    Size :
    HalterReins12ftLeadColour :
    22ftLeadRopeColour :

They come in your choice of colours.

Black, Pink Blend, Purple, Green, Beige, Red, Blue

Have a colour request or custom length? Contact us at to request.